by Hate Crimes

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Released July 19 2013


released July 19, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Brennan Ferrar



all rights reserved


Hate Crimes Brantford, Ontario

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Track Name: Ape
these overwhelming emotions
they grab a hold of my insides
oh how i hate to be human
because of all these petty trials of man
it hurts to swallow this concept
though its been shoved down my throat
lay with the shit and the vomit
into the sewer my body will go

the presence stuck inside of me
judging me haunting me
it speaks without word
puzzled by all the feelings
that cause me to constantly trudge
through this life as though it was burden

im not for this life

dreams are so familiar
but the pain is never soothed
the daytime system cuts my sides
this wretched body hurts to move
Track Name: Useless
grey skies
lifeless eyes

i'm giving into the darkness
letting it in
something's growing in my chest
i'm being torn apart within
day by day
these tumors grow
i'm leaving my body
for the fucking crows
a fragile state
of the human condition
time has turned
mortality into affliction
my fate determined
since my birth
my body's returning
to the earth

i'm looking forward to the silence
humanity it has no purpose
all i see is walking corpses
Track Name: Hollow
pull my heart out from this rotting husk

the shelter of isolation
the merciless emptiness
swallowing my conscience
trying to suppress

i've always pulled away cause i couldn't face the fear
with all these haunting voices
whispering curses in my ear

this cold has come to stay
please let my fingers slip
giving in to the decay
love has lost its grip